Double pane, energy-efficient windows are an investment – do the benefits outweigh the cost?

Double Pane – Energy Efficient Windows

What are they? 

Energy-efficient windows, also known as dual or double pane windows, are windows designed to increase the overall efficiency of your home. They do this through the preservation of internal energy and the prevention of external forces from affecting your home. Overall, they save you money, make your home more comfortable, and increase your home value.


Save money and energy

Up to 25% savings on your energy bills

The U.S. Department of Energy states that loss of energy accounts for 25% of annual heating and cooling utility costs in the average American home. By implementing energy efficient double pane windows, you can save that percentage on your energy bills each month. Over time, it adds up to be a sizable savings and positive investment in your home.


Make your home more comfortable

Don’t suffer when the weather changes

Being in Texas, we understand weather fluctuates faster than we can prepare for. However, with energy efficient windows, your home is no longer at the mercy of the weather. Energy efficient windows will maintain a more controllable temperature, keeping your AC or heat within your home instead of it escaping through thin windows. Overall, the upgrade will make your home more comfortable, livable, and save you countless trips to adjust the thermostat.


Eliminate outside noise

Insulate your home from external noise pollution

By installing double pane energy efficient windows, you can prevent the busyness of external noise from seeping into your home and disrupting your family time. Noise pollution is a major problem for the intimacy and privacy of your home, especially in metropolitan areas.


Increase your home value

Add home worth and increase the property value

New insulated, energy efficient windows not only add a touch of design to a home, but can increase the overall home value if you hope to sell in the future. Because realtors and home buyers recognize the benefits of energy efficient windows, you can increase the asking price after installing new double pane windows.


You can’t just buy one

With energy-efficient windows, you cannot just buy a single window for your home and hope for the benefits. It requires replacing most, if not all, of your current windows to reap the benefits of energy-efficient, double pane windows.

However, for a limited time, AAA Glass and Mirror is offering 20% off your energy efficient window projects with code ‘Fall.’

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